Why Us

We understand the needs of modern business

In many ways business has not changed over the years.

It is still meeting your customer’s desires which calls the shots on how you run your business.

But the way we talk to our customers has changed, even for those of us who deliver our services face to face in a physical environment. We all need to manage communication and often delivery in a digital world and it’s difficult.

Over the years we have watched small to medium business struggle with the technical aspects of bringing in new clients through digital marketing systems while keeping a lid on cash flow and taking enough time to work on business growth. Digital marketing systems each need input from so many different technicians – social media, website construction, copywriters, CRM specialists – the list goes on. None of these specialists are needed full time, each is expensive to employ part time, and planning and coordinating the way each interacts is a specialised task in itself.

It’s enough to make most of us give up.

So, who are we to have a handle on modern business challenges and how have we developed the skills to know what can be done to help?
MarketingSystemsDone has been put together by Brian and Prue Keen.

Brian is a philanthropist and business man with decades of business experience. He has worked in the franchise area for much of his business life and it is this experience, watching small business struggling with business growth that has given him the understanding of what is needed.

Prue has a science background and many years’ experience in business management and administration. She understands the needs of modern businesses built on a digital base.

In talking about his franchise business background Brian says…

I first saw the massive potential for franchising to create a successful business – fast – after opening and operating seven stores in just five years as a franchisee for Bedshed.

With the knowledge, I gained there and later as a franchising consultant in Australia, a partner and I went on to set up the Franchise Alliance, an international consultancy which helped household names like Brumbys, Ultra Tune, Jim’s Mowing and Donut King. We used this knowledge to develop successful sales strategies and franchise systems. The Franchise Alliance is still going strong Australia wide.

We then used those same strategies and systems to build up six franchise groups, with over 120 outlets between them.

Based on this depth of experience, I have since helped many dozens of businesses restructure successfully, increasing their profits and allowing their owners to retake control of their lives by working fewer hours. The key is to get your business structured and systemised so it is easy to delegate to the right people to get the job done. Marketing is just one of the many jobs to be done.

This is my passion, helping people grow business to give themselves and their families the financial freedom to live the life they enjoy.

In talking about her background Prue says…

Words have been my life. I learned to read early and books became my friends as I grew up. This gave me an intuitive understanding of how the English language is used in many different forums.

Later I focused on science and environmental management gaining a science degree with post graduate planning qualifications. This led me to work in environmental management for many years, dealing with complex technical issues ranging from pollution control and sound management to wild life and vegetation management – the list goes on. Most of my writing was around plans, reports and summaries for non-technical audiences, making very complex issues understandable to readers with a short attention span and a need to get to the point very fast.

I then set up my own businesses, one as a planning consultant, another working with the corporate sector and small business owners writing more of those concise reports and yet another designing and building gardens.

More recently I have worked with Brian, developing our current enterprises, working with him on the big picture development and managing the technical back end.

This journey has given me business skills in dealing with both strategy and the detail. Taking on the management side of MarketingSystemsDone is a natural fit and I love helping business owners gain the time to focus on what matters by taking away their admin stress.

Brian and Prue say…

Over the past fifteen years, we have been in business together, working to build Franchise Simply, a second business, Restructure To Grow which helps business adapt to changing business environments and our not-for-profit arm, MicroLoan Foundation Australia.

All these entities help people use business to build the life they desire.

It is through these ventures we have learned how to manage the digital environment and in its impact on business in the most cost-effective way.

So, MarketingSystemsDone is our next business venture, helping businesses of all sizes getting their marketing done, so leads come in without breaking the bank or taking up too much time.

What our clients say

I have worked with Prue and her husband, Brian, now for over four years, in a range of assignments and activities.

Prue is a most capable, very well organised, and extremely professional.

Prue and Brian bring a vast range of experience to the table. They have the ability to get down to the core of things, and address challenges as required.

The other thing that I believe is very important, is that although Brian and Prue have excellent credentials, they also have done the “hard yards”, being business owners and co-founder of the MicroLoan Foundation Australia, so they have sat in our seat, using their skills for the betterment of others.

It is my pleasure to recommend Brian and Prue as exceptional, and I know that they will work tirelessly to achieve the outcomes desired by their clients.

David McLean
About Us July 9, 2019