Our services are available a number of ways

Our services come with a range of different price tags depending on the level of skill required and how you choose to pay.

The tables below gives our rate for each service category in packages or paid for by the hour.

Bookkeeping, Technical and IT specialists

$28.95 / Package rate

General Admin

$18.50 / Package rate

Local Australian Service

$55.00 / Package rate

Professional Specialists

Price on application

All prices and packages include
your personal Australian Office Manager to look after the job for you

If you’re not happy with the result we’ll do it again, at no cost to you!

How to purchase

Pack for AU$250
AU$25.00 (tax)
Total: AU$275.00
Pack for AU$1000
AU$100.00 (tax)
Total: AU$1,100.00
Pack for AU$2000
AU$200.00 (tax)
Total: AU$2,200.00

Add the amount
and click the button

Variable Amount
10% tax

You can also transfer directly from your own bank into our account as follows:

Account Name:
Stanbourne Pty Ltd
Bank Name: St Georges Bank
BSB: 114-879
Account Number: 467 243 330

Please add your name and phone number so we can identify from whom the payment has come from and can contact you to clarify the work to be done if needed.

Please email a copy of your payment advice to expedite processing of your order

And call or email us if you want to make a payment any other way.

The way we work with you

When you first approach us, we usually start with a discussion to fully understand your admin needs. This is because you know your business and what it is you want done by when. This information lets us work out the best package for you.

1. So, first, we meet to discuss…

  • The range of work you are looking to have done by us
  • Your budget
  • Background information about the tasks involved

This meeting can happen by phone or skype or face to face if required.

The system is automated from that point unless you would like to discuss a particular job with us before it starts.

2. Then you decide on the package you need and how you will pay

Once we receive your payment and you give us instruction on what you need done, we organise the work, check it on completion and send it back to you.

By keeping your account up to date we can roll your work through efficiently

3. Payment terms

Travel will be charged separately

All work will be billed in AUD plus GST

No hidden costs such as holiday pay, sick leave, Workers’ Comp, maternity leave, public holidays, Payroll tax, etc.

Figures vary according to the level of skills (expertise) and management required

Additional hours worked over and above the package will be charged at the pro-rata rate

Unused hours can be carried forward indefinately

We work 8am to 5pm AEST Mon-Fri

And we can organise other hours and overnight work if needed

For larger Packages an establishment fee may be required

Terms and conditions apply

What our clients say

I have worked with Prue and her husband, Brian, now for over four years, in a range of assignments and activities.

Prue is a most capable, very well organised, and extremely professional.

Prue and Brian bring a vast range of experience to the table. They have the ability to get down to the core of things, and address challenges as required.

The other thing that I believe is very important, is that although Brian and Prue have excellent credentials, they also have done the “hard yards”, being business owners and co-founder of the MicroLoan Foundation Australia, so they have sat in our seat, using their skills for the betterment of others.

It is my pleasure to recommend Brian and Prue as exceptional, and I know that they will work tirelessly to achieve the outcomes desired by their clients.

David McLean
Pricing July 2, 2019